My Cravings = Everything I see.

Cravings are one of the most asked about parts of pregnancy, or so I’ve found so far. People get excited to hear if you’ve been craving anything bizarre. And so far I’ve been telling people ‘well, I don’t think I’ve had any cravings.’

I suppose I’ve always expected that cravings during pregnancy would be a bit mental. Things I usually can’t stand, mixed in with just plain weird. Like an avocado and egg sandwich or something. That just sounds awful.. and so, no, I haven’t had any of those kind of cravings.

But what I am starting to notice that actually I’m kind of craving everything. Whenever someone mentions a food type to me, I want it.

I read an email from ‘Emerald Street’ the other day that was talking about honey. Lovely amazing honey. I bought some on my way home from work. Today my colleague mentioned doughnuts, and I considered popping to the shop to get one. Any hint of Nutella, peanut butter, or even marmite on toast gets me excited. Don’t even get me started on pancake day. In. The. Diary.  marmite soldiers

To be fair, most of my examples have been quite tempting foods already… so does that count? Or do I just want all of these things because I know that I should be being a bit more sensible and skipping on some of the treats I might otherwise find an excuse to have?

What have been your craving experiences during pregnancy?

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