Week 17: Can You Hear Me?

It’s in the Genes

Pregnancy week 17 started off with a visit to the consultant. It turns out I’ve got fibroids, which isn’t all that surprising really. Both my mum and my grandmother ended up having hysterectomies due to fibroids, so I guess I’ve always been expecting them to turn up.

Luckily; 1. treatment and technologies have changed and improved massively in the 20 years since my mum had to have her op, and 2. mine are only tiny at the moment and not looking like they are going to cause problems during this pregnancy.

It means I’m advised to have ‘the injection’ (something I need to research, I’ve been avoiding too many details until necessary), and that a home birth is probably not a good idea (that’s fine with me). The bonus is that I’ll have an extra scan at 34 weeks. An extra chance to meet baby before we meet for real.

Happy Soup

Hubby has been away for work, and I’ve been hanging out lots with my parents! (Rock n Roll) In fact, I took my dad along to a gig in hubby’s absence. We saw Baxter Dury at Village Underground, and it made me wonder. Is baby ok in there? My weekly pregnancy email told me that baby can hear now, and that loud noises might make little Lupin jump. I didn’t think much of it, until I was in a small venue with music vibrating through my whole body. I could feel it in my chest, and was suddenly worried that I was scaring baby. What are your experiences of gigs during pregnancy?


My other mission this week has been trying to find petite maternity jeans. Well to be honest I’ve been quite unsuccessful so far. Where the hell do short girls get their maternity jeans? It feels like as soon as you become pregnant, retailers think that you don’t care about your style anymore. Everything seems to be the same, and all a little bit boring. ASOS have the best selection so far, and Topshop has the odd piece that I love, but no petite jeans? Come on chaps – short girls get pregnant, too!

I don’t think I have long before I have to give up my current wardrobe completely. If you have any tips for petite maternity wear, I’d love to hear them.

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