Week 18: Feelin’ Pumped

It’s been a fairly uneventful week, with hubby away and me just plodding along at work.

One new thing I’ve noticed this week is my extremely heavy pulse, that I can literally feel pumping through me at times, usually just after I’ve eaten. My tummy enlarges throughout the day with food (ok, and gas.), and at times it feels like my belly is this massive pulsating bulge. A quick google search and a looksie on some of the mummy noticeboards tells me that its all to do with the increase of blood moving around my body. This (in hindsight quite obvious) revelation has made me feel a little better – I’ve been getting paranoid about any little thing lately.

It’s been six weeks since my scan, and I suppose it just feels like a long time. I’m ready for the next one, to check everything is ok. But not long now, just a week to go until we meet baby Lupin again. So now I need to think of how to break the news. The boy or girl news. How did you share this with people?

Boy or Girl?

Image from Pinterest

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