Week 28: Painting & Pain

We’ve been busy preparing our house for the arrival of baby. We have so much to do, it’s consuming us. 

We’re living in what was my grandfather’s house, and the room we are decorating as the nursery used to be my mum’s bedroom when she was a little girl. 

In that room, we have one wall where we’ve stripped back wallpaper to the bottom layer, to the wallpaper that was up in the mid 50s. It’s amazing! Lots of cats playing sports on a pink background. Before we got pregnant, this was our crafty room, and we’d planned to keep the cats up. But now… With a little boy on the way, what should we do?  

It seems such a shame to take it down, so instead we’re planning to wallpaper over the top. When we started renovating the house, we found lots of memories that had been covered over rather than removed. Waiting to be found by a future generation, perhaps. Maybe if we cover the cats, we’ll find them again in years to come. 

Other than painting, this week, pregnancy has brought some pain and discomfort. Sitting at a computer at work all week is getting increasingly uncomfortable. My ribs have felt like a balloon is being blown up beneath them, and they’re trying to burst through my skin. When I sit up straighter to give my ribs more room, the pain just moves around to my back. Gah! Constant aching. Just six more weeks at work… I hope I can last. 

On top of rib pain, the bloating seems to have gone up a notch. I’ve been getting trapped wind that hurts like never before. It’s like a stabbing pain. I keep pushing my belly around to try and move things around – I must look like a nutter. I’m now testing out peppermint tea – supposedly the best solution to this problem. Let’s hope it works! 

Until next time,

Sparrow x

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