NCT: 1st Pregnancy Must!


We’ve started and finished our NCT course since I last posted, and I have to say that it was so helpful. A must for all new parents. I find that the midwife appointments are good for checking baby is ok, but advice for the parents is rather limited, unless you know what you need to ask about.

NCT has really helped us to know what we want to put into our birth plan, what we want in terms of pain relief, and generally understanding labour and what to expect. The course is designed around the group, so any particular queries you have will be covered, and the course leaders really know their stuff. It’s also a great chance to meet lots of lovely couples in your area, who areĀ in the same position as you.

So really I just wanted to have a thumbs up post for NCT, and if you’re debating booking yourself into a course at the moment, I say go for it!

Sparrow x