Week 37: Full Term!

This week I am feeling very happy to have finished work. I’m exhausted! Full term has brought with it huge feet, fat fingers and an incapability to use my legs.

I no longer fit into any of my shoes. I had to buy a pair of size 6 flats. Size. Six. I’m usually a 4. I’m just praying that this is temporary and that my feet will go back to normal once the boy has arrived. I’m also unable to wear my wedding and engagement rings, and my hands feel like they’re 90 years old.

For that reason, it was a great idea to treat myself to a manicure & pedicure this afternoon. My feet were starting to look pretty knarley, seeing as I can barely reach them, and it was lovely to relax and be pampered for an hour or two.

So here’s what’s been going on in my baby countdown…

baby countdown day 8

Day 8: July 8th

Kitty is patiently awaiting the arrival of her new friend, curled up on the pram.

baby countdown day 9

Day 9: July 9th

Delivery from Bob & Blossom! I can’t wait to get some use out of this amazingly cute spotty hat and blanket.

baby countdown day 10

Day 10: July 10th

Full Term!

baby countdown day 15

Day 15: July 15th

I spent the day with my brother and nephew. We took a train to Blackheath and wandered through Greenwich park, to the Royal Observatory and then into Greenwich for lunch with a friend. I was unbelievably knackered once I got home. But it is always nice visiting Greenwich.

baby countdown day 17

Day 17: July 17th

Pedicure time! A much needed treat. Blue for my boy! I wonder if it will last until he arrives.

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Sparrow x

Week 28: Painting & Pain

We’ve been busy preparing our house for the arrival of baby. We have so much to do, it’s consuming us. 

We’re living in what was my grandfather’s house, and the room we are decorating as the nursery used to be my mum’s bedroom when she was a little girl. 

In that room, we have one wall where we’ve stripped back wallpaper to the bottom layer, to the wallpaper that was up in the mid 50s. It’s amazing! Lots of cats playing sports on a pink background. Before we got pregnant, this was our crafty room, and we’d planned to keep the cats up. But now… With a little boy on the way, what should we do?  

It seems such a shame to take it down, so instead we’re planning to wallpaper over the top. When we started renovating the house, we found lots of memories that had been covered over rather than removed. Waiting to be found by a future generation, perhaps. Maybe if we cover the cats, we’ll find them again in years to come. 

Other than painting, this week, pregnancy has brought some pain and discomfort. Sitting at a computer at work all week is getting increasingly uncomfortable. My ribs have felt like a balloon is being blown up beneath them, and they’re trying to burst through my skin. When I sit up straighter to give my ribs more room, the pain just moves around to my back. Gah! Constant aching. Just six more weeks at work… I hope I can last. 

On top of rib pain, the bloating seems to have gone up a notch. I’ve been getting trapped wind that hurts like never before. It’s like a stabbing pain. I keep pushing my belly around to try and move things around – I must look like a nutter. I’m now testing out peppermint tea – supposedly the best solution to this problem. Let’s hope it works! 

Until next time,

Sparrow x

Week 24: Things I Didn’t Know About Pregnancy

Ok, if I’m honest, I didn’t really know much at all about pregnancy 24 weeks ago. My attitude has mostly been ‘see what happens’ while keeping up with the main protocols; passing on the booze, etc.

Also, I’ve had a very straight forward pregnancy so far. People are constantly asking if I’m tired, but to be honest, most of the time I don’t feel much different to before I was pregnant. In fact, I probably feel better. It’s like having a huge detox. I can’t even remember the last time I was hungover, and for me, that’s pretty incredible.

But, as time goes on, I’m starting to get the odd ‘niggle’. Here are some of the things I didn’t expect during pregnancy.

1. Itchy & Scratchy.
So. Annoying. This started early on, probably in the first few weeks. My back is constantly itchy, so much so that when it first started I was scratching so much that I made myself bleed. I’m used to it now, and no longer bleeding, but its still pretty damn annoying.

2. I got gas.
There’s no nice way of putting this. I’ve been trumping like a trooper for a number of weeks now. Sometimes its a bit awkward, like I can’t stop myself. I hope this calms down once the boy has arrived, it’s getting embarrassing!

3. Rib-tastic.
My ribs hurt. Who knew that your ribs could hurt.

4. Hairy Belly.
Wow, making this list is making me realise how attractive pregnancy is. So, I don’t (yet) have the line of dark hair down my belly, but I have grown a little collection of random hairs all over my bump. How lovely.

5. Hangin’ Out
More of an obsession than a ‘symptom’, I’ve taken to sitting with my belly out whenever I’m just chillin’ at home. Maybe not alllll the time, but if boy is kicking, I’m getting the belly out. I love seeing my bump jump up and down every now and then.

What have been your most unexpected experiences of pregnancy?

Week 20: Who Is It?

Baby it’s you!


I was a little nervous about my 20 week scan. No real reason I suppose, other than over thinking things that could potentially be wrong. It’s hard to know if I’m doing this pregnancy thing ‘right’, and so I quite like the reassurance from appointments and scans.

This one was amazing! It was incredible seeing baby in such detail. Little legs and feet, arms and hands flailing around. A real outline of a face. Even seeing the spine was amazing. I could watch that scan all day!

Then the sonographer showed us something else.. ‘You see that little bit sticking out’ she said… ‘It looks like it’s a boy!’


Week 18: Feelin’ Pumped

It’s been a fairly uneventful week, with hubby away and me just plodding along at work.

One new thing I’ve noticed this week is my extremely heavy pulse, that I can literally feel pumping through me at times, usually just after I’ve eaten. My tummy enlarges throughout the day with food (ok, and gas.), and at times it feels like my belly is this massive pulsating bulge. A quick google search and a looksie on some of the mummy noticeboards tells me that its all to do with the increase of blood moving around my body. This (in hindsight quite obvious) revelation has made me feel a little better – I’ve been getting¬†paranoid about any little thing lately.

It’s been six weeks since my scan, and I suppose it just feels like a long time. I’m ready for the next one, to check everything is ok. But not long now, just a week to go until we meet baby Lupin again. So now I need to think of how to break the news. The boy or girl news. How did you share this with people?

Boy or Girl?

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Week 17: Can You Hear Me?

It’s in the Genes

Pregnancy week 17 started off with a visit to the consultant. It turns out I’ve got fibroids, which isn’t all that surprising really. Both my mum and my grandmother ended up having hysterectomies due to fibroids, so I guess I’ve always been expecting them to turn up.

Luckily; 1. treatment and technologies have changed and improved massively in the 20 years since my mum had to have her op, and 2. mine are only tiny at the moment and not looking like they are going to cause problems during this pregnancy.

It means I’m advised to have ‘the injection’ (something I need to research, I’ve been avoiding too many details until necessary), and that a home birth is probably not a good idea (that’s fine with me). The bonus is that I’ll have an extra scan at 34 weeks. An extra chance to meet baby before we meet for real.

Happy Soup

Hubby has been away for work, and I’ve been hanging out lots with my parents! (Rock n Roll) In fact, I took my dad along to a gig in hubby’s absence. We saw Baxter Dury at Village Underground, and it made me wonder. Is baby ok in there? My weekly pregnancy email told me that baby can hear now, and that loud noises might make¬†little Lupin jump. I didn’t think much of it, until I was in a small¬†venue with music vibrating through my whole body. I could feel it in my chest, and was suddenly worried that I was scaring baby. What are your experiences of gigs during pregnancy?


My other mission this week has been trying to find petite maternity jeans. Well to be honest I’ve been quite unsuccessful so far. Where the hell do short girls get their maternity jeans? It feels like as soon as you become pregnant, retailers think that you don’t care about your style anymore. Everything seems to be the same, and all a little bit boring. ASOS have the best selection so far, and Topshop has the odd piece that I love, but no petite jeans? Come on chaps – short girls get pregnant, too!

I¬†don’t think I have long before I have to give up my current wardrobe completely. If you have any tips for petite maternity wear, I’d love to hear them.

My Cravings = Everything I see.

Cravings are one of the most asked about parts of pregnancy, or so I’ve found so far. People get excited to hear if you’ve been craving anything bizarre. And so far I’ve been telling people ‘well, I don’t think I’ve had any cravings.’

I suppose I’ve always expected that cravings during pregnancy would be a bit mental. Things I usually can’t stand, mixed in with just plain weird. Like an avocado and egg sandwich or something. That just sounds awful.. and so, no, I haven’t had any of those kind of cravings.

But what I am starting to notice that actually I’m kind of craving everything. Whenever someone mentions a food type to me, I want it.

I read an email from ‘Emerald Street’ the other day that was talking about honey. Lovely amazing honey. I bought some on my way home from work. Today my colleague mentioned doughnuts, and I considered popping to the shop to get one. Any hint of Nutella, peanut butter, or even marmite on toast gets me excited. Don’t even get me started on pancake day. In. The. Diary. ¬†marmite soldiers

To be fair, most of my examples have been quite tempting foods already… so does that count? Or do I just want all of these things because I know that I should be being a bit more sensible and skipping on some of the treats I might otherwise¬†find an excuse to have?

What have been your craving experiences during pregnancy?